Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast)

MRE Pod #25 – Pandemic Check Ins pt. 1 – 25MAR2020

March 28, 2020

"How are you?" A question now more urgent than trite. So why not check in with a selection of past podcast guests? See how their quarantine and social distancing is going. Ask their cup size. Enjoy appetizer-sized conversations with comedian & podcaster Cory "Showtime" Robinson, nurse practitioner and podcaster Ersilia Pompilio, impersonator and entertainer Jason Thompson, recovery comedian and podcaster Veronica Porras, and Ace Katano, a Los Angeles public defender, union organizer, and Ground Game LA volunteer. Heroteer wraps an operation involving a Donald Trump impersonator. Lt. Frank is now on celebrity shout-out app Cameo. Heard the Pet Shop Boys "Being Boring"? Watched The Young Ones endure "Boring"? Mark has thoughts on you ... being bored.

Recorded at the Raymond Chandler Memorial Water Closet Sound Booth and Mark's Reasonable Desk, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded by Mark Roman.
Mixed & mastered by Ollie Holliday.

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