Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast)

MRE Pod #24 – “Fear & Social Distancing in … Everywhere” – 18MAR2020

March 20, 2020

Tired of doom and gloom? Mark delivers happy results! It's the Age of the Pandemic, so we are all Social Distancing! Including podcasts. We may have guests on Skype as soon as next week. This week Mark goes into how he re-tooled Heroteer to help creatives impacted by the pandemic (including Venka). Mark reads a few of his latest Medium articles. Lt. Frank hijacks the interview wrap pod teaser. Drinking at home? Tip your bartender! It's a thing - time to understand #apocaTIPS#NoFearHeroteer

Recorded at the Raymond Chandler Memorial Water Closet Sound Booth, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded by Mark Roman.
Mixed & mastered by Ollie Holliday.

UPDATEActual title is “Fear & Social Distancing in … Everywhere” but apparently it was too easy for me to type “Fear & Loathing…”. So if you happened to screen grab it, maybe you can sell it for 3 cents on eBay (like that upside-down airplane stamp) to financially survive the pandemic. Stay at home! Stay safe!